Epidsode 025: With ~mallus aforethought


This week we speak with ~mallus-fabres, who is both an actual Young Person and a Real Live Woman on Urbit. We allow her nearly two full hours of cleverness and sass to make the case for the distaff sex. You can be the judge of whether we, as a society, will allow them to keep it up or if this mad experiment has gone on quite long enough, thank you.

Welcome to the second paragraph. Without dispensing the elephant in our room, we can move the girl thing behind a privacy screen for the moment and focus on our topics, which are, in no particular:

Libertarianism and what the young people are into these days politically, how they mog one another with DOCTRINE, how absolutely killer sexy Ayn Rand was, the charms of New England, post #metoo work life, Exit vs. Voice, Josh’s experience with large women, Andy’s shirtless photos of Delicious Tacos, and, naturally, how to get more women on Urbit.

The Podcast

For Women On Urbit

If you are a woman on Urbit, there’s a group just for you, God help us. Contact ~mallus-fabres to join Urbitches.

This week’s intro music

The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya by Rimsky-Korsakov

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