Episode 027: Tofu Maximalism with Galen Wolfe-Pauly

Henlo, Martians.

This week we do something a little different with The Stack: a change of format. It was my intention to start a newsletter, but I was frontrun by both Tlon and the Urbit Foundation with year-end news. They both continue, in what is an affront to God and man, not to consult me before making business and marketing decisions. But I can do something they cannot do, which is pour the pleasure of voice into the porches of your ears. Also, the newsletter probably will nevertheless happen in the new year.

So, let us start with Urbit News and then wind up with our interview of Galen Wolfe-Pauley, CEO of Tlon, but perhaps best known for his bespoke wooden furniture line and his tofu maximalism.

And now, the news.

Article 1: dcSpark Keeps Doing the Beautiful and the Good

dcSpark’s Urbit Visor extension has received a visual overhaul. If you don’t know what Visor is, hold your manhood cheap, &c. The Visor extension is analagous to Metamask, but using your Urbit for log-in and permissions on legacy websites. A bridge to the old world, so to speak. Find it in the Chrome Store. For a finer explainer, see dcSpark CSO Robert Kornacki’s Developer Call.

Rob also recently did an explainer video which will serve as an Urbit guide for the perplexed (VCs and your grandmother).

Naturally, we also did a podcast with Rob.

Article 2: L2 Just Around the Corner

Though how wide a corner it is only ~zod can say. But a star has been born on L2, according to the Man. Anyone who has previously burned Eth spawning planets will be getting a refund from Vitalik’s dad.

Article 3: Ļ†š¢š§šž ššš«š­

My favorite new group is: web+urbitgraph://group/~dachus-tiprel/art

I look forward to his daily new additions, an ecclectic mix which nevertheless finds harmony in ~dachus-tiprel’s keen aesthetic sense.

Article 4: star.market hits the century mark

As of writing, 109 stars have been wrapped on star.market. Thus far, at least two stars have been redeemed from the contract. And another milestone: the first time someone trading WSTR was frontrun by a bot. We made it, fam.

Article 5: Justin Murphy is the Devil

He isn’t, in fact, he’s a gentleman. But he’s also carving out something of an Urbit niche with a podcast of 10 interviews from Assembly 2021. If you’re listening to this and you’re Justin Murphy, remember that in the end there can be only one! We’re coming for you, Murphy!

(If you’re listening to this and you’re not Justin Murphy, give him a listen and toss him some crypto so he can recoup production costs on the hotel studio he set up).

Murphy’s Otherlife Podcast

We did do a podcast with MORTAL ENEMY and SERIAL PUPPY ABUSER Justin Murphy.

Article 6: Our podcast slouches toward professionalism

Thanks to ~finnem for recording some sultry station IDs for us and for a bit of community support allowing us to buy upgraded equipment. We are slowly iterating toward a podcast and other media that might be mistaken for professional work. Listen to ~finnem talk about Banking on Urbit if you haven’t already. And if you want to fulfill the ancient dreams of our forefathers to have Urbit Media every day of the week, consider tossing cryptocurrency at my egrifting operation so I can stop wagecucking and do this stuff fulltime. Links are all over the website.

And On to the Podcast with Galen
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