Episode 029: The Onliest Monk


This week we speak with Philip Monk, CTO of Tlon and a man with a name fit for the Urbit Monasteries of the future. We talk about L2 and the projects that come after, how much traffic is too much traffic from Hacker News, how one goes about pruning events and whether ‘til nobler to increase the size of the loom or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous javascript hacks in the pursuit of a faster ship.


Item bir:

dcSpark releases Twitter UV

Twitter UV is an extension that leverages Visor to bring tweets and unrolled threads into your Urbit.  With permission, you can choose Urbit channels or DMs to post pictures of either your favorite Kardashian sisters or one of their mortal enemies, the Bajoran Sisters.

Find the link to the extension on the site.

Item iki:

Tirrel corporation starts the signup process for onboarding companies interested in US Dollar payment rails on Urbit.  USD payments will be included in the next major release of the Studio app, helping to further decentralize payments and, as Tirrel says, repatriate them from cloud services like Stripe and Patreon.  So, if your business model includes accepting everyone’s favorite shitcoin, you’re in luck.  I’ve already ordered my USD full node from Raytheon.

Item uç:

Escape has been released!  


Or EScape, it isn’t altogether clear.  What is clear is that we have another front end experience for interacting with groups and DMs.  The good people of Uqbar are building an L1 experience on Urbit and that has required new tooling for DAOs.  I like to keep Landscape–excuse me, Groups–open at the same time as Escape so that I can have conversations with myself.   As a brave Scotsman once noted, it’s the only way to talk to my equal.


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