Episode 30: “Dog People” with ~master-morzod


Welcome back to the Stack

This week we speak with Joe Bryan, engineering manager at Tlon and known to the network as ~master-morzod.

Which bids us ask, if asking is permitted

Is it like electricians, or plumbing where pipes are fitted,

Where one begins apprenticing in Nock,

then journeymen get deeper in the Urbit engine block,

until, if at 900, 000 miles or more it hasn’t thrown a rod,

the shop gathers around and you are crowned ~master-morzod.

Today we discuss the following.

Smoking is cool and healthy

What is Urbit?

Kelvin versioning

Where is event log trimming?

Why can’t I issue certificates and why do I have to use Caddy as my webserver?

Little Grandma Clinton

German Shepards

The Bay Area

And cactuses.  Or cacti.  No, Cactapodes!

But first, the news.

Item, Sr.:

The greatest game in the history of the spoken word has come to Urbit in the form of wrdu.  If you thought the sale of Wordle to the New York Times was a grave abuse on the conscience of good men, fear not: two good men have ported it, to abuse a phrase, to Urbit.  Currently, you can only use four letter words, so send your wife and children out of the room first.  Then lock the door, dim the lights, and get down on some single player word rotation.  Ooh.  Many thanks to ~dalten, ~sogrum-savluc, and ~rabsef-bicrym for their work.  Once they bump it to 5 letters, yours truly, the universe’s most powerful word rotator, has promised to do drunken master wrdu strategy videos.  Peer into my mind, as I shape the LOGOS in real time.

Item, Jr.: 

L2 user interface is so close you can taste it.  I wouldn’t suggest it though; licking a rollup is a good way to get things twisted.  If you want to have a peek, the beta site link is on our website.  It looks slick, but I’d wait for an official announcement before committing my address space to it.  If you want to live dangerously, do it with something less valuable than an Urbit star.  Go skydiving with your mom.

Episode 30:

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