Ep 031: “Winning Faster” with Logan Allen


Welcome back to The Stack.

This week, we speak with Logan Allen, better known to Urbit as ~tacryt-socryp.

Mr. Allen’s rather young and doing a Logan’s run through life.

The man’s sorted his plans, got a kid and a wife,

quit college, learned to code, worked at Tlon, changed his mode,

practiced winning farther, winning faster, life the racehorse and he the master,

and even when there’s no disaster changing tack,

and, not looking back, forming ~tirrel, building payment rails,

and Uqbar, Urbit’s holy grail.

But first, the news.


Item one is Item 2.  

L2, that is.  The most important thing to spring from Urbit in a year or so.  The experience is first-rate.  It offers a smooth transition to free emission of planets.  Transactions are free, with Tlon assuming the cost of the roller, but limited to 25 a week.  If you want to do more than that, you’ll have to send a Tofu gift basket to CEO Galen Wolfe-Pauly.

Item 2 is also Item 2.  

Thanks to the efforts of ~sitful-hatred and ~mopfel-winrux, among others, Urbit is now on Umbrel.  Users can easily use Umbrel to set up a bitcoin node that Urbit can share, as well as, eventually, the lightning network and other integrations.  It’s now so easy to set up Urbit and use it for Bitcoin payments, I’m finally going to be able to get my mom and her entire facebook friends network onto Urbit, so remember to thank ~sitful-hatred and ~mopfel-winrux for that.

Item 3 is just item 3 without making a big deal about it.

Hooniversity is back!  Take that, Kantbot!  Emphasis on the can’t.  Taught by Professor Doctor Neal Davis Esq., it’s all cores and doors, the standard library, and shipping code.  Later iterations will have the gall to have Gall, Urbit’s application management vane.  If you want to sign up, go to hooniversity.org/enroll.  


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