Ep 032: The Combine with ~poldec-tonteg

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Welcome back to The Stack

This week we speak with Anthony Arroyo, better known on the network as poldec-tonteg.

Formerly at Tlon, Anthony left his work there to find himself in the deserts of the Southwestern US, where he had a peyote vision of himself as a steep-sided gully formed by the action of fast-flowing water.  And that is why he is called Anthony Arroyo.

Anthony is now HMFIC at the Combine, an Urbit Foundation initiative to invest in teams who want to build businesses on Urbit.  In the following episode, Andy and I will offer a masterclass in pitching a podcast.  And as usual, the Stack is pitch perfect, baby.


Many thanks to Dalten Collective for sponsoring this episode. We are deeply grateful for their continuing support.

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