Ep 035: War Stories #1 with Robert A.

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Andy and I are war respecters, which is not the same thing as war hawks, but also is not the same as ‘no more wars’ lolbertarianism. War is an inescapable part of being human. We are an Urbit podcast, but because it is a subject of especial interest to us–American wars having touched both our families–we will occasionally be collecting war stories and will publish them on The Stack.

This week: Josh’s grandfather recounts his experience of WWII, including the Bataan Death March and being a POW of the Japanese. This retelling is on his deathbed and is therefore incomplete: Robert died before he could finish it. No other preamble is fitting and so the audio is presented as is, though cleaned up a bit. It was recorded in 1990, the same year Robert died of lung cancer.

We’ll be back next week with another war story from Josh’s dad, after which it’s back to Urbit.


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