About the Orbis Ledger


This is the Orbis Ledger, a site for Urbit events, news, and lifestyle. It’s edited by one ~habsul-rignyr, who is best known to Urbit as the Southern half of The Stack podcast. In these pages, yr humble servant [and perhaps, eventually, those others he hopes to lasso in] chronicles the Urbit community: its fashions, its technological and cultural output, the efflorescences of its cities.

The problem this site is meant to solve is that its author found himself putting his nose into every corner of Urbit and had become something of an aggregator of events and information on one of those Old World social media hell sites. While the Foundation creates news, it does not itself have writers. Neither does it have an organ for the creation of long-form Urbit think-posts (though it can and has tapped its brain trust for just this, on occasion) or New Urbit City travel guides, or Urbit Review of Books, or Urbit Finance, or any other Urbit-flavored media not immediately necessary to some purpose (rather than cooked in the febrile imaginings of one Hon. H. Rignyr, Esq.).

Starting humbly, I hope we can build our way to an entire Urbit Media Empire. If you’re an artist or a writer or a podcaster or love Urbit and would like to be one of these things, please consider joining me.

What about The三Stack Podcast?

We (~libhut-samwes and ~habsul-rignyr) will continue the podcast and it will remain free forever even if we eventually find a way to make it make money. It will become a part of the de facto Urbit Media Network along with The Orbis Ledger, which is itself a step up in this impromptu hierarchy. As a token of our esteem for him, Mr. Samwes will continue to be paid by Urbit Media twice what he is worth.

Welcome to The Orbis Ledger.
Prof. Dr. Right Hon. H. Rignyr, Esq.