Ep 037: In Lehman’s Terms with ~wolref-podlex

Introduction Welcome back to The Stack. This week we speak with Josh Lehman, Executive Director of the Urbit Foundation.  We discuss Foundation initiatives for education and future projects, the art of pouring tea, and the role and constitution of the Urbit Foundation Board. Episode The Eternal Grift Sign up for our Urbit MAILING LIST. If… Continue reading Ep 037: In Lehman’s Terms with ~wolref-podlex

Ep. 033: This Man’s a-Nockin’

This week, we speak with Neal Davis, otherwise known as ~lagrev-nocfep.

Our topics this week are:

The advantages of Urbit over traditional development paradigms.
Hoon school and how to get some. What species of lunatic writes Hoon. And pedagogy and the performance of teaching.