Episode 029: The Onliest Monk

This week we speak with Philip Monk, CTO of Tlon and a man with a name fit for the Urbit Monasteries of the future. We talk about L2 and the projects that come after, how much traffic is too much traffic from Hacker News, how one goes about pruning events and whether ‘til nobler to increase the size of the loom or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous javascript hacks in the pursuit of a faster ship.

Episode 023: Opening a man’s %gora box

Introduction Episode 023 with ~rabsef-bicrym This week we speak with ~rabsef-bicrym, who has made the move, recently, from employed to self-employed: doing a feasibility study in freelance Hoon development. Rabsef is the creator of %gora, a POAP on Urbit that allows Martians to send tokens to one another as ‘proof of attendance’. We discuss how Urbit’s first… Continue reading Episode 023: Opening a man’s %gora box